Thursday, August 6, 2009

25th Anniversary - Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

25 years is considered a major milestone in a marriage. Congratulations! We would like to provide you with some historical information and symbolic gifts. Chances are you will be invited to a 25th wedding anniversary party or have a party thrown for you. Here are some gift ideas.

  • 25th Traditional Anniversary Gift: SILVER
  • Modern Gift: SILVER
  • Flower: IRIS

  • TRADITIONAL GIFT and MODERN GIFT: Both traditional and modern gifts associated with the 25th wedding anniversary are sterling silver. The gift ideas are endless when talking about silver. It is a very sought after precious metal and any gift given of silver will be appreciated. Here are a few traditional silver gift ideas: Jewelry, picture frames, flat wear or a vase. More modern silver gifts include: personalized silver keepsakes, money clips, tie clips, cuff links or silver plated flowers.

    GEMSTONE: The theme of the 25th wedding anniversary is sterling silver. It is brilliant and radiant. Silver has long been known, since ancient times, to be a precious metal. It has been used to make jewelry, flatware and even used as currency. It is a very soft, highly conductive metal. The market for pure silver has been very unstable lately. In 1939 silver was worth 71 cents/troy ounce. Currently silver is worth about $12.40/troy ounce.

    FLOWER:Iris is the flower associated with the 25th anniversary. A bouquet of 25 irises tied with a silver bow is a perfect, symbolic gift for the lucky couple. Another idea is a bouquet of irises in a sterling silver vase. Anyway you combine silver and irises shows that you have done your homework.

    We invite you to visit us for your 30th anniversary and we will give you more great ideas.

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